16 Best Photoshop Brushes for Aug-Sep 2012

For the months of August and September, we bring you once again our top picks when it comes to free Photoshop brushes. This time, we rounded up 16 sets of different themes containing high-quality and useful brushes. There are sets with abstract and decorative themes as well as brushes with high-tech and seasonal themes. Since Autumn and Halloween are also here, we also tried to pick some sets of new... read more

12 Sets of Cool Photoshop Brushes from July 2012

Time once again for our monthly roundup of what we believe are the best Photoshop brushes released during the past month. So for July 2012, here are 12 sets of free Photoshop brushes that are high quality (when we say high quality, it only means high-resolution, highly detailed brushes). These brushes range from decorative such as flowers and ornaments to doodles as well as grunge and splatters. So beef up... read more

12 Nice Photoshop Brushes: Best of June 2012

For the month of June 2012, we once again come up with our choice of brushes that can be used and downloaded for free. We choose these sets of brushes based on what we think are useful, high-quality and unique in some ways. There are brushes below that you can use for creating backgrounds or textures such as floral and lace or brushes to create borders and frames. We also included bokehs, bubbles,... read more

17 Sets of Cute Photoshop Brushes: Best of May 2012

The first half of the year 2012 is over. We thank our followers for always visiting our site! In this post, we gathered once again what we believe are the best free Photoshop brushes from around the web. When choosing these brushes we always look at the quality, size and creativity. I hope you will find something useful in this collection. 01-Paint Brush set by *Miss-deviantE A set of paint brushes for... read more

20 Must-Have Retro Brushes for Photoshop

Retro designs just come and go so you will never go out of style using this theme. One of the biggest lifesavers for designers are Photoshop brushes. You can create amazing designs with just a few strokes using Photoshop brushes. So this time around, we gathered together 20 sets of high-quality Photoshop brushes featuring retro or vintage theme that you can download and use for free. The first ten entries... read more

18 Best Free Photoshop Brushes for April 2012

To keep you updated about new and high-quality free Photoshop brushes, we decided to bring back our roundup of best brushes. However, this time around, we decided to make this a monthly thing instead of the previous weekly compilation. As in the past, we will try to pool together brushes that we think are of good quality, useful and artistic. So without much further ado, here are 18 high-quality Photoshop... read more

Spring Must-Haves: Grass Brushes, Eggs, Bunnies

Spring is coming so get ready with these beautiful Photoshop brushes. Since Spring begins with Easter, we decided to include in this round-up some sets of brushes with grasses, eggs, bunnies and other symbols related to Ester. There are also sets containing leaves, foliage, flowers as well as butterflies to decorate your Spring-themed designs. To download the set that you like, simply follow the link... read more

350 Beautiful Rose Photoshop Brushes for Valentines Day 2012

For our Valentine’s Day special this year, we decided to come up with a compilation of the best and most beautiful rose Photoshop brushes. This is in place of the usual hearts and cupid brushes that most websites present during this season of loving. But why rose flowers? Rose has been long associated with Valentine’s Day. Among the many species of flowers, roses are the most common flowers... read more
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