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20 Decorative Borders Photoshop Brushes

decorative borders Photoshop brushes

Here is a new set of high-resolution Photoshop brushes that you can use as borders or frames for your personal projects. The border designs are composed of different flowers, pearls, etc. that are perfect for creating personal websites or in making scrapbooks. You can use them to frame pictures or special texts in your e-cards or post cards. These decorative borders can also be used in designing gift tags and many more. Just download the entire set to appreciate.


18 Floral Frame Photoshop Brushes

floral frames Photoshop brushes

This set of Photoshop brushes is composed of high-resolution clip art images of floral frames. The designs of these brushes are highly detailed that even a single brush would suffice as a greeting card design. All you need to do is add your special text to personalize your card and then send it to your friends and loved ones. These brushes are also useful for designing gift tags, post cards, e-cards or even website headers and banners. Like any of our Photoshop brushes here at Photoshop Free Brushes, these floral frame Photoshop brushes are also free to use for your noncommercial designs.


24 Decorative Butterfly Photoshop Brushes

butterfly clip art photoshop brushesToday, we are happy to add a new set of butterfly Photoshop brushes created from clip art images that you can use as an element or to highlight other elements in your designs. This is the second set of butterflyPhotoshop brushes that we have here at Photoshop Free Brushes. We will be posting a link to the first set at the end of this post. Meanwhile, this second set is composed of 24 high-resolution images that you can use for creating pretty and fantasy-themed designs.


20 Romantic Photo Frames Photoshop Brushes

photo frames Photoshop brushes

Here is another set of Photoshop brushes that you can use for free in your noncommercial design projects. This time, our free Photoshop brush pack includes decorative and floral border designs that you can use as frames for your photos. There are a total of 20 extra large photo frames Photoshop brushes created in Photoshop CS2. To get the best results, try experimenting with different blending modes in Photoshop. Ideally, these photo frames Photoshop brushes are most effective when used with layers. For example you can put a photo frame brush in one layer and the photo that you want to frame in a layer below it. Each brush has resolution of 2500 pixels.


16 Christmas wreaths Photoshop brushes

christmas wreaths photoshop brushes

Christmas wreaths are a very popular decoration used around the world for Christmas and other holidays. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of wreaths originated? Well, according to many historians, wreaths have had a special place even during the pre-Christian era. It is said that in Eastern Europe, people used to illuminate wreaths made of evergreen leaves during winter because it was believed that it would bring spring and sunshine. Although the exact origin of Christmas wreaths is not recorded, it is said that they originated before Christianity itself. Since its origin, the Christmas wreath has gone through a multitude of changes, but has retained its significance. It is used to symbolize the festive spirit of Christmas as well as an embellishment for the homes and premises.

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