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Free Photoshop Brushes and Patterns

28 Beach Clip Art Photoshop Brushes


Beach Clip Art Photoshop Brushes

This is a set of Photoshop brushes featuring different beach clip art brushes that you can use in designing beach-themed designs such as websites, brochures, summer party invitations, etc. Images included in this beach clip art Photoshop brushes set are silhouettes and vector renditions of girls in beach summer outfits, a girl surfing, men in board shorts, some hibiscus and palm trees among other things. I also included some Photoshop brushes intended to be used as background in your designs.

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115 Stars Background Photoshop Brushes

Posted in STARS

stars background Photoshop brushes
This set of Photoshop brushes has a total of 115 stars background Photoshop brushes that you can use in creating water star-filled backgrounds. There are different kinds and shapes of stars, perfect for creating backgrounds for your postcards, posters or even in your scrapbooking projects. You candownload the stars background Photoshop brushes which is 24.15 Mb in size from deposit files.

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16 Musical Instruments Photoshop Brushes Part 1


musical instruments Photoshop Brushes
This set consists high-resolution Photoshop brushes featuring different musical instruments such as acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, ukulele, keyboard piano, saxophone, trumper, drum kit and some background elements that you could use in a musical-themed design. There are a total of 16 musical instruments Photoshop brushes in this set with resolutions ranging from 1600 pixels to 1800 pixels. This set of musical instruments Photoshop brushes was created using Photoshop CS3, thus it should work only with any CS and above versions of Photoshop.

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24 Easter Clip Art Photoshop Brushes

Posted in HOLIDAY

easter clip art Photoshop brushes
Here is a set of Photoshop brushes composed of 24 Easter clip art such as bunnies, baskets, chicks, eggs, etc. that you can use in your personal and non-commercial designs. The easter clip art Photoshop brushes were creted in Photoshop CS3 and have maximum resolution of

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