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Funky City Skyline Photoshop Brushes

The use of city skyline as Photoshop brushes has been very popular in recent years. Since we expect to see a continuing trend towards the use of silhouettes in designs, expect also to see more silhouette brushes of people, animals and things from this site. This time we are happy to present a set of city skyline Photoshop brushes that you can use to create funky designs. There are city skyline silhouettes... read more

Indian Motifs Photoshop Brushes

Here is a set of Photoshop brushes composed of different North America Indian motifs, in case you need this kind of elements in your designs. The set includes a total of 18 Indian motifs Photoshop brushes at resolution of 900-2100 pixels. This set of Indian motifs Photoshop brushes was created in Photoshop CS2. Thus, these should be compatible with any CS versions of Photoshop. TERMS OF USE: Please limit... read more

21 Comic Superheroes Photoshop Brushes

Here is a set of extra large Photoshop brushes composed of cartoon images of superheroes. Cartoon characters included in this set are images of spiderman and his villain, and also Batman and other characters of Batman and many more. Like our other set of  Photoshop brushes this set is also free to use for your noncommercial designs. This set of comic superheroes Photoshop brushes was created in Photoshop... read more

20 Antique Furniture Photoshop Brushes

Just in case you need some antique furniture elements in your vintage-style designs, then here is a set of Photoshop brushes composed of 20 antique furniture images that you can use for free. Images of antique furniture included in this set are pictures of an old chest, a megaphone, a wooden fruit crate, a vinateg chair, a dresser and many more. This set of antique furniture Photoshop brushes consists 20... read more

Party Clip Art Brushes for Photoshop

The last quarter of the year is usually the time for countless parties. In fact most of the people I know celebrate their birthdays during this time of the year. The Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, New Year, Office year end parties are just some of the events we celebrate every year. Thus, if you are planning to hold a cocktail party and needs to create some invitation cards or posters for this purpose, we... read more

14 Broken Glass Effect Brushes for Photoshop CS+

There are several ways to achieve the broken glass effect in Adobe Photoshop. The simplest technique is to use Photoshop brushes. In case you need some brushes for this kind of effect, here, we are releasing a set of Photoshop brushes composed of images of broken glass windows. These brushes are useful if you are trying to create a broken glass effect but do not have the time to create one from scratch. As... read more

24 Crown Clip Art Photoshop Brushes (Vol.2)

This is our second set of crown clip art Photoshop brushes here at Photoshop Free Brushes. Just in case you have not seen the first set just yet, you can actually check out these crown clip art Photoshop brushes here. This second set, however, consists 24  Photoshop brushes featuring different crown clip art and symbols that you can use in your designs. The maximum resolution of each crown clip art... read more

15 Designer Bags: Photoshop Brushes for CS+

This set of quality Photoshop brushes  is composed of 15 ultra high-resolution Photoshop brushes composed of different pictures of fashionable designer bags. These could be useful in creating fashion-related designs where you need some images of women’s bags. We created this set of Photoshop brushes in Photoshop CS2, thus, we were able to set the maximum resolution of these Photoshop brushes at... read more
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