22 Celtic Tattoos Photoshop Brushes

Celtic tattoos are becoming the choice for many new and old tattoo enthusiasts. Today, we are going to share our own set of Celtic tattoos in the form of Photoshop brushes. The designs include the popular Celtic knots, some Celtic animals and other Celtic symbols. However, you have to be careful when using Celtic tattoos since like me, you might not know not know what the symbols mean or you might not want to misrepresent yourself because you thought the Celtic knot tattoo pattern was pretty. Do some research on the Internet if you seriously want to use one.

Like all of our Photoshop brushes, these Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes are also in large sizes, with each brush having a resolution of about 2000 pixels. There are a total of 22 Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes in this set and should work with any CS version of Adobe Photoshop.

Celtic Tattoos Photoshop Brushes

TERMS OF USE: You may use the Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes for personal, noncommercial uses. However, please refrain from making the Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes available for download outside of this site. If you want other people to know about the Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes, please refer them to this original post.

Please leave a comment if you happen to like our Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes or if find them useful. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT!!!: Please refrain from redistributing the Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes, (i.e., downloading this set and making it available for download somewhere else). Also, HOTLINKING to the archived file is not allowed. Please refer to this post if you want to spread the word.

Below, you will have a preview on how the Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes would look like when installed in Photoshop:

Celtic tattoos Photoshop brushes

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