Grunge Brushes: Scratches and Sketches

Grunge brushes are still the most sought after type of Photoshop brushes these days. I would have loved to make more Christmas brushes but I am tempted to make several sets of grunge brushes that I will release in the next few days.  Do not worry, I will be making more Christmas brushes also in the coming days as you prepare your Holidays-related designs. Meanwhile the first set of grungy brushes that I will be giving away today are composed of 18 very high-resolution brushes composed of sketches and scratches. These grunge brushes are perfect for creating sketchy backgrounds. Also, the scratches-like brushes are ideal for creating broken glass effect or scratches to make things old and grungy. Created in Photoshop CS3, these brushes have resolution of 2500 pixels and should work with any CS version of Photoshop.

grunge-brushes-scratches-photoshop brushes

TERMS OF USE: As usual, you may use these grunge brushes for personal, noncommercial projects. However, please refrain from making these grunge brushes available for download outside of this site. If you want other people to know about these grunge brushes, please refer them to this original post.

Please leave a comment if you happen to like these grunge brushes or if you find them useful. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT!!!: Please refrain from redistributing these Photoshop brushes, (i.e., downloading this set and making it available for download somewhere else). Also, HOTLINKING to the archived file is not allowed. Please refer to this post if you want to spread the word.

Below, you will have a preview on how these Photoshop brushes would look like when installed in Photoshop:


NOTE: If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please right click on the button and select the “Save link as” option.

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  1. zip file has been deleted..
    nothing found

  2. I already fixed the download link. You may try downloading the file again.

  3. Thanx a lot dear admin 🙂 I would love to receive notifications if the blog is updated with new awesome brushes like these. Thanx alot


  4. very use full thanks

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