25 Dainty Lace Design Photoshop Brushes

Lace designs are commonly used as a decorative element in designs or in real life situations. Here is a set of Photoshop brushes consisting of  25 high-resolution Photoshop brushes featuring different lace designs. These lace designs were originally created in Adobe Illustrator and later on converted into a set of Photoshop brsuhes. The resolution of each brush is set at around 2000 pixels wide. The lace design Photoshop brushes included in this set are useful for creating frames or as borders for photos, certificates or cards.  This set of lace design Photoshop brushes was created using Photoshop CS3, thus it should work only with any CS and above versions of Photoshop.

lace design photoshop brushes

TERMS OF USE: Please limit the usage of the lace design Photoshop brushes to personal or non-commercial projects. I hope you will find our lace design Photoshop brushes useful. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. But stumbling or digging this post will make us happiest… :) Enjoy!

IMPORTANT!!!: Please refrain from redistributing our lace design Photoshop brushes, (i.e., downloading this set and making it available for download somewhere else). Also, HOTLINKING to the archived file is not allowed. Please refer to this post if you want to spread the word.

Below, you will have a preview on how the lace design Photoshop brushes would look like when installed in Photoshop:

lace design Photoshop brushes

Size: 3.6 MB
Type of file: .rar

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2 thoughts on “25 Dainty Lace Design Photoshop Brushes

  • Wow, these are really beautiful! I mean, I like all your brushes (just discovered your site), but this set is extremely beautiful and very useful for my needs.

    Thank you so much! I wish I had enough money (and a paypal account), I’d be happy to donate a nice amount to you. :)

    Best wishes from Germany,

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